About Us

Stichting Amsterdam European Mobility (A'Dam Mob), is a professional organization founded in 2012 and located in Amsterdam specialized in training, research and consultancy in the field of Digital Competence applied in various disciplinary sectors.

Its goal is to offer learning opportunities to students of all ages to help them to acquire skills and create professional profiles that reflect the demands of the current world of work.
It represents the meeting point of the most qualified academic and professional resources in the various areas of expertise.
A'Dam Mob courses allow participants to develop knowledge and train excellent skills, through an approach characterized by dynamism, independence, creativity and attention to people.
The values at the basis of the activities, such as multidisciplinarity, passion, dynamism, energy, interaction, the ability to listen and to do together, allow us to create interdisciplinary courses of higher education and contribute to the future of the territory in a international perspective.

Digital competence

"Digital competence consists in knowing how to use the information society (IST) technologies with confidence and critical spirit for work, leisure and communication. It is supported by basic skills in ICT (Information and Communication Technologies): the use of the computer to find, evaluate, store, produce, present and exchange information as well as to communicate and participate in collaborative networks via the Internet".
In today’s digital world, knowing how to read, write, and participate online is a foundational skill. People everywhere should have the knowledge they need to tap into the full power of the Internet and to use it to make their lives and the world better. Whether you’re a first time smartphone user, an educator, an experienced programmer, or an internet activist, the degree to which you can read, write, and participate on the web while producing, synthesizing, evaluating, and communicating information shapes what you can imagine—and what you can do.

We Believe in


Create a Digital Mindset fertilizing you with change and digital transformation


Incentivize Open Innovation and promote an innovative mentality throughout the company


Develop new leadership behaviors and design a smart organization


Accelerate new digital skills and competences


Adoption of new technologies and process change management


Attract and engage new talent to accelerate transformation and cultural change

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