Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is essential for digital transformation and its evolution for propelling major economic and technological growth around the globe. Its purpose is to develop technology capable of enabling machines to function in an intelligent, self-sufficient way.

Our lives are impacted by AI on a daily basis. Whether using smartphones and other mobile technology devices, surfing the internet, shopping online, using navigation or travel guidance, spending time on social media or listening to music on streaming services, Artificial Intelligence influences our choices in one way or another.

This course provides a broad introduction to Artificial Intelligence: is an overview of main concepts and offers a chance to learn about related available tools and numerous applications.

Module I )


Lectures, explanatory videos, study cases, practice exercises and class discussions.


⚪ To provide an overview of Artificial Intelligence and familiarize students with its main concepts.

⚪ To learn and comprehend AI terminology, including neural networks, machine learning, deep learning, and data science;

⚪ To explore realistic applications of Artificial Intelligence in everyday life;

⚪ Spotting opportunities to implement AI strategy in business.

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