Although computers and digital technologies are present in most areas of our everyday life, too little we know of what’s behind them. Computer Science (CS) studies the processes that, in conjunction with data, can be represented as programmes; and studies methods, techniques and processes, in order to store, convert and transmit information and data in digital format. CS has rapidly developed as consequence of the appearance of information technologies such as integrated circuits, Internet, mobile phones, and information automatic processing.

With this introductory course, attendants will be able to learn from scratch essentials of Computer Science; explore its evolution along time; get to know its different ramifications, focuses, opportunities and challenges; study basic tools to start developing primary computing skills.

Module I )


Lectures and hands-on learning through guided development of an individual project.


⚪ To learn Computer Science’s basic definition and related concepts, its principles and the mathematical foundations behind it;

⚪ To learn the history and evolution process of computing;

⚪ To offer an introductory guide to understand how computer-programmes work and what does a computer scientist do;

⚪ To acquire basic computing skills relating to the use of devices, file and programme management, networks, data and security;

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