STEAM is one of the most popular learning approaches these days. It uses Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics as the axes for pupils’ educational development, by connecting different subjects together in a way that they will relate to both the real and business world and to each other.

STEAM framework combines interdisciplinary and hands-on learning methodologies, which provides the opportunity to engage and empower students in formal education within a fun interactive environment.

This course is designed to assist teachers in developing skills in STEAM, research, and project- based learning pedagogies, so they can confidently adapt them in the classroom.

Module I )


Lectures, tutorials and audio-visual aids, role playing, hands-on learning.


⚪ To introduce and explore STEAM learning approach, evidencing all the advantages it can bring to the pupils’ education process.

⚪ To provide templates and tools to use as starting points in planning STEAM lessons and roadmaps; and recreate STEAM-style exercises.

⚪ To assist teachers in developing skills in STEAM, research, and project-based learning pedagogies.

⚪ To guide educators in trusting the importance of play, fun and engagement in learning.

⚪ To connect and relate different subjects through creative activities based on real life and concrete experience.

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